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When Juli starting building this company, she had one goal in mind: create a venue where people could celebrate the joyous moments in life and while doing so, be kind, helpful, supportive and encouraging. Juli never wanted our venue to be about turning events as quickly as possible but instead the intention is to take time with each client, get to know them, build a relationship and do whatever we can to help them create an event that is a true reflection of themselves.

Event planning comes easy to Juli. She’s organized large fundraisers, celebrations and teams of people. She thrives on the details and systems required to pull off a great event but understands not everyone does. She loves this job because together with her team, they can help take a stressful situation for some and turn their creative vision into a beautiful reality. Juli and her team know events cost lots of money and require a great deal of time and decisions and they try really hard to meet their clients needs with a friendly smile, creative ideas and helpful tips to assist in the planning process. Being accessible, informative, efficient and flexible are all things that are important to Juli when working with clients.

When Juli’s not at the barn, she enjoys spending time with her husband, two kids and dog Tallulah. Traveling, reading and going to Orange Theory Fitness are her favorite things to do in her downtime.

Megan is one of our newest team members and was introduced to us by our friend and preferred vendor Tate Cathcart of Taken by Tate. We reached out to Tate to see if she had any recommendations for leads on wedding coordinators. Lucky for us, the one name she gave us Megan’s. She told us, “I’m photographing her wedding in October, she’s never done weddings before but she’s the most organized bride I have ever worked with” We met with Megan weeks before her own wedding and we knew she had to be a part of our team. She is full of energy, super organized, a fast learner and eager to help in any way she can. Megan has already been lead wedding coordinator on three weddings and each of her brides loved her. She’s so fun, easy to talk to and will jump in to help in any way she can.

Megan has embraced the wedding industry whole-heartedly and is now helping PSB with blog submissions, marketing content and web design. Running a venue is a team effort and Megan is a crucial part of our team.

Megan is enjoying all things about being a newlywed herself. She and her husband Chase love spending time with friends and family and as if Megan wasn’t busy enough she is attending GSU this year to earn her degree in Early Childhood Education. Clearly a go-getter!

Before the doors even opened at PSB and we were in construction mode, Teresa came to the venue to introduce herself as co-owner of Four Season rental. Juli and Teresa immediately hit it off and quickly became friends and business associates. Four Seasons was a true reflection of Teresa’s amazing sense of style and design. She can make anything look pretty and has a true eye for aesthetics and balance and has helped many trouble spots look perfect!

Life has a way of changing and when Teresa’s business closed their doors, we saw it as a perfect opportunity to join forces and ask Teresa to be a part of our team. Teresa is one of the warmest, most kind people you will ever meet. She has never been found without a smile and positive attitude. She is the epitome of “work hard, be kind” and we are so fortunate she’s on our team. Everyone is at ease when Teresa is around.

Teresa’s other passion is education and has been an early-childhood education for years in Henry County. We recently discovered she was one of our employee’s third grade teacher!

Mother to four beautiful and successful daughters, Teresa is all about family. She loves to spend time with her husband and daughters, appreciating the quieter side of life, including porch swings and beautiful sunsets. If she’s not at work or on her porch, you may find her at Pure Barre!


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