Who gets a wedding thank you note?

There is something special about getting mail in the technology driven world we live in! One piece of wedding related mail you may not have spent a lot of time thinking about yet is thank you cards. Taking some time to write thank you notes after your wedding may be the last thing you want to do, but it is a timeless tradition that also shows the people who helped make your wedding day a success that you are grateful for all they did. While it is not exactly fun, it is so important!

Who exactly should you write thank you notes for? Keep reading for the different categories of people who you should plan to write to.

pc Brian Dean Photography

pc Brian Dean Photography

  1. Your bridal party…these people stood by your side on your side through the planning process and on your big day. They deserve some thanks. If you are worried about taking time to write a note after the honeymoon another option is to give them a card or note showing your appreciation on your wedding day.

  2. Wedding Guests…We know, we get it. Writing a thank you note to everyone who attended your wedding can be super daunting. But imagine your wedding day without them there. It wouldn’t have been much of a party. One way to keep things simple and organized is make sure you keep your list of invitations that are sent out while planning. This way you can send out thank you cards to each family and not have to worry about creating a whole new list.

    Bonus Tip: One way to save some time is by printing thank you cards with a generic message online and sending them out to the guests who attended. If you ask your photographer ahead of time, they should be able to provide you with an edited picture the week after your wedding to add to the background of the note and help give it a personal touch. While we recommend hand writing notes, this option is a way to save time and still show your appreciation.

  3. Guests who brought a gift…Writing a quick message thanking them for the gift (or check) they gave to you and your new spouse is so important. They took the time to purchase you a present and you should take the time to thank them. Make sure you make the note personal by thanking them for their specific gift. This is one example of when being vague won’t cut it.

  4. Your vendors… We can promise (because we know from experience) sending your vendors a thank you card will absolutely make their whole day! It is an easy way to show them how you appreciate the time and effort they put into your dream wedding.

It is also important to remember to write thank you notes along the way to the people who attend any wedding showers or engagement parties! If you make a point to write these notes with-in two weeks of the event you won’t have to worry about them piling up after the honeymoon.

pc Nikki Nama Photography

pc Nikki Nama Photography

So, are you ready to get writing? Enlist your significant other and make a night of it. Order a pizza, crack open a bottle of wine and knock them out! It’s not the most fun part of a wedding, but it will be so appreciated and it is a simple way to show that you are thankful for everyone who contributed to your amazing wedding day.