Wedding Favors | Our top picks


Favors are given out at almost every wedding, so if you’re in the midst of planning, they are most likely something you have thought about at least a little. While wedding favors are absolutely not necessary, they are a cute and sweet gesture to thank your guests for coming out and celebrating your love! We have seen tons of different types of favors from koozies to cookies, and we have a little insight on what wedding guests really want to take home at the end of the night. Our number one tip is find something that is practical for your guests. Think outside of the box for things that your guests can use once they leave your wedding. If you're having trouble coming up with a creative favor idea for your guests, check out our list of our five favorite favors we have seen!



1)  Something seasonally appropriate - It’s always a good idea to keep the comfort of your guests in mind. A wedding favor that can be used during the course of your ceremony or reception is something they will appreciate more than you know. Especially if it is something that will help combat uncomfortable weather.  A small, fleece blanket during winter months or a cute folding fan in the summer is a great way to ensure their comfort and makes for a cute gift for them to take as they leave. 


2)  Something Sweet- Almost everyone loves a sweet treat and everyone loves something small that they can take home and enjoy after the wedding cake is all gone. Something sweet will go a long way for most guests and we can promise it won't end up forgotten under a car set! It may not even make it all the way home before they dig in. A homemade baked-good, candy or even jam are great wedding favors that your guests can enjoy even after the party is over. Something sweet is also one of the easiest wedding favors to DIY. This may be the way to go if you're looking to stretch your wedding budget. 


3)  A candle- who doesn’t want their house to smell amazing? We know we do! A small candle is an amazing and practical favor that guests will never accidentally “forget” on their table at the end of the night. If you really want to impress your guests, choose a few different scents so everyone can pick their favorite. We suggest something fruity, something sweet and something clean. Think cucumber melon, vanilla cupcake, and fresh-washed laundry. Yum!


4)  A cup or mug - A cup or mug can be extremely useful during the wedding or at home afterwards. You could invest in heavy-duty plastic or small glass cups to be used for your reception and then taken home, or you could have a pretty set up of mugs near the door. We love the idea of buying antique teacups or mugs from vintage or second hand stores for your guests. This way you could buy piece by piece and build a collection of unique wedding favors that truly speaks form the heart and shares the individuality that you and your fiancé share!


5)  Coasters- Along the same line of cups, we have coasters! They can be used to help add a pop to your reception table settings and then taken home and used daily by guests. You could also set them up in a basket or on a table near the doors. Coasters can be made from a multitude of different materials such as wood, cork, or glass. The personalization options are endless! Not only are they a sweet reminder of a beautiful evening, but they are (here is that word again) practical and useful! 


Our PSB tip: Find favors you can personalize with cute quotes or your wedding date. You don’t necessarily have to use your name, first or last, on the item to make them memorable. In the comments below, tell us your favorite wedding favor idea. We love to hear about creative and personal ideas that we didn't think of!