Say Goodbye to Wedding Day Stress

Once you have plotted your dream wedding, been showered in love (and gifts), and had a delicious dinner with your loved ones after a rehearsal…your actual wedding day comes! After months, or maybe even years of dreaming and planning the sun rises and you are getting married.

For so many brides and grooms the wedding day is a day full of worry and stress. How can you enjoy yourself when you are so worried about everything you have planned working out correctly? But we totally think that should not be the case! Your wedding day should be a day when you are able to sit back, relax, and enjoy being around the people you love most. In order to help planning couples we have made a list of our top four tips to help cut down on wedding day stress!

pc Katelyn Kind Photography

pc Katelyn Kind Photography

  1. Hire a wedding coordinator: This tip may be familiar if you read our blog post on eliminating stress while wedding planning. (Did you miss that one? Check it out here!) Having a wedding coordinator there will eliminate so much stress from your day. You will be able to enjoy your morning and not spend it worrying about small details or last minute issues.

  2. Have your hair + makeup artist come to you: Having your hair and makeup artist come to your wedding venue can eliminate a ton of wedding morning stress. If you are planning an traveling to a salon we recommend having the artist come to your venue (or wherever you re getting ready). This will most likely cost a small fee, but it is worth it to not have to deal with travel time and other factors such as traffic.

  3. Drink that mimosa: We 100% do not recommend over drinking on your wedding day. You want to be able to remember everything clearly and make any decisions with a clear head. That being said, a mimosa (or two) while getting ready will not hurt you! It may even help calm down those crazy wedding day butterflies.

  4. Have a first look: Having a first look with your almost spouse can help reduce wedding day stress in two major ways. One- Being able to see each other and spend a few quiet moments alone earlier in the day truly helps ground your wedding day and remind you what is important. Two- you are able to get almost all of your wedding pictures done before the ceremony even starts. This can help relieve so much stress! After the ceremony you can snap a few immediate family pictures and then head straight to the reception to party. No making your guests wait for over an hour to eat dinner or start dancing! 

While nothing is likely to get rid of all of your wedding day nerves, we feel confident that if you follow the tips above you will feel so much more relaxed on your big day. At PSB we strive to empower stress free brides, but we strongly feel that every bride should be able to experience a stress free wedding! Your wedding day is a beautiful day that should feel nothing short of magical.


What are your plans for keeping stress to a minimum on your wedding day? Let us know in the comments.

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