5 Wedding Tips (that really make a difference)

When you work weddings almost every weekend you learn a thing or two, and we are here to share those tips with you! Today we have rounded up five totally random wedding tips that we think are important to ensuring your day is as perfect as possible. Even though every wedding is unique, these are tips that we think every couple can use and benefit from.  

pc Mandee Mathews Photography

pc Mandee Mathews Photography

  1. Learn the bustle: Once the ceremony is over and pictures are finished it is finally time to party! Usually the couple and bridal party take 5-10 minutes to freshen up before their entrances into the reception. At this point, your guests have been waiting for almost an hour and are ready to see you (and eat dinner)! The number one thing that we find holds couples up at this point is that the bride’s dress needs to be bustled and no one can do it! Do not rely on a video or one practice session in the bridal salon. Have your maid of honor or mom practice multiple times on different days. Bustling a dress can be tricky and when everyone is hungry and ready to get to the reception it is added stress you don’t want. 

  2. Let the pros handle it: This goes for brides, parents and guests. You have hired an amazing team to handle your day, so let them! Your vendors know what they are doing and can tackle anything that comes their way. Even when you want to help, know they have it under control! You have planned and arranged everything, so now is the the chance for you, your family and all of your guests to relax and enjoy. 

  3. Be flexible: Chances are something will go different than planned. Don’t let that throw your whole day off. As cheesy as it sounds remember the small details will not be remembered in five years but the love that was shared will be remembered forever.

  4. Take it all in: The day will literally fly by! Make sure you are stopping and enjoying the moment. Don’t let yourself become so overwhelmed that you are not enjoying your time with your friends and family. Make sure to take time to breathe and look around. This is your day and you want to remember it!

    Bonus tip: Watch how much you drink! You should absolutely have a good time, but you don’t want to wake up and not remember most of the details of your night!

  5. Coming back up the aisle is a party: After you have had your first kiss and have been pronounced married, it is time to head back up the aisle. Choose a peppy song for this moment and celebrate your way out of the ceremony! Some couples feel as if they should walk slowly back up the aisle, but we say don’t let the formality of the day stop you dancing your way up the aisle. After all, this is the happiest moment of your life and that is the perfect time to celebrate it.

pc Pik Creative Photography

pc Pik Creative Photography

Your wedding will be a one-of-a-kind event that celebrates the love you share with your fiancé.  Being prepared for your day is important. You can never know exactly what to expect, but with some great planning and awesome vendors we are sure your day will be magical.

Do you like blog posts with tips and tricks? Want to know more of our random wedding day tips? Let us know in the comments!