Renting wedding decor | What you need to know

Creating and planning your dream wedding can be a time and labor intensive process. Particularly if your dream day looks like something pulled straight from a Pinterest Board. In the endless world of furniture, decor and design elements you may be hoping for a piece that you do not already own and do not want to purchase. 

Welcome to the world of renting! Renting equipment and decor may sound a little odd, but we promise it can be so beneficial. We are not talking equipment such as basic tables and chairs, because the cost of those necessities should be included in the cost of your venue, we mean the “extras” that make your wedding day uniquely yours! Think the beautiful lanterns that you want to include in your centerpieces or the fun couch for a lounge area. All of theses pieces that you need to supply in order to have those fun touches can be rented!

A beautiful cocktail hour lounge space! pc Twinkling Eye Photography

A beautiful cocktail hour lounge space! pc Twinkling Eye Photography

Realistically, if you were to buy all of these pieces you would spend hundreds of dollars and THEN you have to find somewhere for them to go after your wedding. No one needs 25 lanterns or 50 votives for their house. Renting can be so beneficial in helping you save money and still have a perfect wedding. 

Ceremony decor is a popular choice for renting! pc Twinkling Eye Photography

Ceremony decor is a popular choice for renting! pc Twinkling Eye Photography

Find our top tips for wedding rentals below!

  1. Everything can be rented- We mean it; everything you need for your wedding can be rented. Renting is not only a money and time saver, but it is also a way to help the environment! By renting you are helping to not purchase extra pieces that will eventually wind up in the trash. 

  2. See what your venue has to offer- While your venue may not have decor pieces included in their base package, it is highly likely that they have extras you can rent through them! This can save you tons of time and even money. By using equipment that is already in site you are less likely to have to pay extra fees associated with moving, drop-off or pickup.

  3. Use preferred vendors- If your venue does not have what you are looking for, ask them what vendors they recommend! As a venue we work with tons of vendors and we have seen it all (we have even had a vendor who was contracted to drop of decor cancel the day of the wedding!). By checking with your venue before you book a vendor to rent through you can potentially save yourself the headache of dealing with a less than professional company. 

  4. Get a contract- As with any vendor we always, always, always encourage every couple to sign a contract. This protects you (and the vendor) in case there are any mishaps or miscommunications.

  5. Ask questions- If you have never rented equipment before you may not know what to expect. Make sure you find out how long you are renting the piece for, who is responsible for drop-off and pick-up, and if you have to clean the piece yourself before you pay your deposit. 

How do you feel about renting wedding equipment? Will you be renting pieces to make your wedding day a success? Let us know!