What You Should Actually Put On Your Wedding Registry!

Registering for wedding gifts can be such an exciting experience to share with your future spouse. Picking out items that will be used as you build your lives together is so much fun and let’s be honest, everyone loves getting gifts! But knowing what to register for can also be overwhelming. Regardless of where you choose to register, there are tons and tons of different things you could add to your list and even different variations of each object. We definitely recommend going in with a plan. Make a list of items you need and things you want, so you can be sure all of your bases are covered. Of course, you can always choose to add things not on your list, but this way you have the best chance of remembering all of the key items you want or need from the beginning.

pc Taken By Tate

pc Taken By Tate

While there are the basics that everyone knows to register for (think bath towels and dishes, we wanted to share our list of items that are not so common, but you should totally consider adding to your list!

Having a place to keep small valuables can help set your mind at ease.

Having a place to keep small valuables can help set your mind at ease.

1. Document safe- If you don’t already own one, a small fireproof safe is a must have. It doesn’t have to be huge; just make sure there is enough room for your important paperwork and some small valuables. There should be plenty of options to choose from if you register at Target, Amazon, Bed Bath and Beyond, or anywhere in between. A safe place to put social security cards and that new wedding license is crucial. This is truly something you can use forever!


2. Printer- A document printer is a total necessity on your registry! Printers are something that you won’t think of until you need one, but when you’re in a bind, it is a total lifesaver. Printers are something that many people don’t think to register for because they can be considered a personal item, but printers are absolutely a small appliance the every household should have. There are kits that come with ink and printer paper too, so you can be 100% set.


3. Board games- Okay, okay. Hear us out… We’re not suggesting that you ask for the whole toy aisle at Target, but having a few basic board games on hand is a game changer. No pun intended! There are tons of circumstances where you may want to pull out something fun to do. Friends or family are over, you and your spouse want to spend some quality time together and don’t want to go out, you get roped into babysitting last minute…the list could go on! Having some games on hand is never a bad idea. Games like Phase 10 and Banagrams are also winners.


4. Humidifier- Definitely not exciting or glamorous, but having a humidifier on hand in the dry winter when a cold hits can be a lifesaver! You will not regret registering for one. Also in the same category are essential oil diffusers. They are becoming more and more popular and have tons of benefits. Either option has great benefits and is a great addition to your future home.


5. Honeymoon fund- Maybe you already live together and don’t need or want any new home items. It is becoming more and more common for couples to explore the idea of asking for donations towards their honeymoon fund in lieu of physical gifts. While it may not be traditional and you may hear some complaints from older family members, we say go for it! Experiences are better than objects anyway, right? Websites like honeyfund.com make it easier than ever for your loved ones to help you have the trip of a lifetime.

Do you have an idea you’d like to share with us? If you have an item that you think is a must-have, tell us below.