Winter Weddings | Why you should consider them

Winter weddings don’t get all the publicity and attention that Fall and Spring weddings do but we really think there are a lot of pros to winter weddings and we wanted to share our thoughts! Below are our top five reasons to consider a winter wedding. 

Photo by Brian Dean Photography. Wedding on February 17, 2017.

Photo by Brian Dean Photography. Wedding on February 17, 2017.

1) You can save money…and lots of it. 

Winter weddings are a great way to have the wedding of your dreams and save money. For almost the entire country, January and February are considered off-season. While the northern states might not be the best place to get married in January, here in Georgia our mild winters really lend themselves to the option. 

Because winter weddings in Georgia are still not super popular, almost all vendors consider it off-season, which means discounted rates for you! Typically off-season discounts can range from 10 to 20 percent which could mean a savings in the thousands on your total cost. That’s more money in your pocket, more money for your honeymoon or a great way to add lavish details that you may not be able to afford in April or October when everyone's rates are at their highest. 

Photo by Megan Hobbs Photography. Wedding on December 16, 2017

Photo by Megan Hobbs Photography. Wedding on December 16, 2017

2) Dramatic Color Schemes

Winter weddings lend themselves to deep, rich hues of colors. Navy, emerald, ruby, gold are just some of the colors you can incorporate into your day. Bonus: these colors always look good on all skin tones (fake tan or not!). 

Some worry about being too holiday focused but trust us, professional florists know how to do florals for winter weddings without it looking like a leftover Christmas party! On the flip side, incorporating elements like white poinsettias, greenery and holly are ways to add to your decor without breaking the bank because they are in season and readily available. 

Photo by Brooke Miller Photography. Wedding on February 4, 2017

Photo by Brooke Miller Photography. Wedding on February 4, 2017

3)Indoor Ceremonies, Romantic Lights and a great RSVP rate

Our winters can be so mild here in Georgia that couples often have the option to be indoors or outdoors for their ceremony. At our barn venue, we always give our couples the option and will often have two plans in place. The week of the wedding, when Mother Nature shows us her true plan, our couple gets to make the final call. We usually recommend doing an indoor ceremony if the temperatures are under 60. 

If a couple opts for an indoor ceremony, here are some of the benefits: a temperature controlled environment, an intimate ceremony with no outdoor distractions and romantic lighting which can include elements like candles. Candles outside don’t usually have the same effect because of daylight, wind and the risk of setting the grounds on fire! 

Also, most people don’t have plans in January, the holiday parties are over and we have passed the busy wedding seasons, which means they’ll be able to attend your wedding and you can have the celebration with your closest friends and family, just as you imagined. 

Photo by Brooke Miller Photography. Wedding on February 4, 2017

Photo by Brooke Miller Photography. Wedding on February 4, 2017

4) Fun Details & Romantic Sunsets

We love winter weddings because you can add fun details to your wedding day. Some examples include a fire pit with a s’mores and hot chocolate bar and quilts at the ceremony for couples to cuddle up with. 

In all of the winter weddings we’ve hosted, every single couple has been able to get outside for pictures. Even if they opted to have their ceremony inside, their photographer always takes group and couple shots outside. Another bonus to winter weddings are amazing sunsets. We can’t speak for the entire state but we are lucky to get very dramatic sunsets on our property in the winter. The comment we hear most from our couples is they are so glad they went outside, just the two of them, to have a few minutes to themselves and get some sunset or golden hour photos. Trust us, you’ll never regret that decision or the time you took for each other. 

5) Last and perhaps the best of all….an excuse to vacation post-holidays! 

Think about it, if your anniversary is in January or February, you have the best reason to take a vacation AFTER the holidays are over! When all the hustle and bustle of the holidays are behind you, when you are so tired and ready to be alone, you get to go out of town and be together, just the two of you! Seriously, for this reason alone I wish I got married in January! Another bonus to traveling in January, rates are cheaper, the tropics are warm and less crowded and you come back with a tan while everyone else is stuck in their office. Discounted rates for January travel means savings for your honeymoon and subsequent anniversary trips! 

Each of our winter weddings was truly memorable and we hope that some of these pictures highlight the benefits to getting married off-season. Winter weddings are a favorite at our barn venue and we’d love to see people embrace the idea more. It’s truly a win-win, you have the wedding you always imagined, you and your family get to save a significant amount of money, you aren’t competing with everyone else’s schedule and you get to honeymoon and celebrate each year when the rest of the world is bundled up and trekking to work! 

If you have any questions about planning a winter wedding or would like to know what dates we have available, please click here to contact us!